10 Business VoIP Phone Services (Compared & Reviewed) | 2022

Best Business VoIP Phone Services

Best Business VoIP Phone Services

Business VoIP Phone Services. Do you need the most reliable company phone system for your WordPress website? Small businesses often integrate an online phone system on their websites to communicate with their customers. It’s a compliment in addition to online chats, email assistance, and other available options.

With a phone service designed for small businesses, you will be able to get your customers talking in a short time. Business VoIP Phone Services guide will help you find the top business phone services that start at free and go up or $30 per month.

10 Business VoIP Phone Providers (Compared & Reviewed)

  1. Nextiva – Best / most accessible business phone service
  2. RingCentral – Best all-in-one business phone provider
  3. Coma – Internet phone service
  4. Phone.com – Cheapest VoIP phone service
  5. Grasshopper – Best virtual phone service
  6. 8×8 – Best hosted business phone service
  7. Vonage – Best advanced phone service
  8. Microsoft Teams – Most popular online phone service
  9. Google Voice – Free business phone service
  10. Voice shot – Best auto attendant phone system
  11. CallHippo – Best freemium virtual phone service
  12. Nextiva: Best / Easiest Business Phone Service

RingCentral is a simple business phone system that large-scale and small businesses can utilize. As with other top business phone providers, RingCentral comes with a call waiting feature, call transfer, and a multi-line phone system for calling forwarding, video conferencing, conference calls, and many more.

It allows you to share screens, make free calls using their toll-free service, and works well with third-party applications such as Microsoft, Gusto, Dropbox, and more. RingCentral offers a user-friendly interface to start business phone services and handle calls made by users.

Cost: Starting from $19.99 per month. RingCentral also provides other customizable plans that will meet your requirements. Visit our RingCentral coupons page to get the most recent specials and offers.

  1. Coma: Internet Phone Service

Coma is one of the top internet-based phone services and communication solutions that can be adapted to any business. Business VoIP Phone Services offers a broad range of features that every business owner would want in the form of a phone system.

A few of the best features are:

  • Mobile and desktop apps The mobile and desktop app lets you use your phone system effortlessly on your computer or mobile.
  • Video Conferencing: Ooma meetings let you effortlessly conduct video meetings as well as simple screen sharing.
  • Virtual receptionist, You can record custom messages at the start of the call. You can also forward calls to groups of ringers.

The price starts from $19.95 per month per user. You may also choose to add an unlimited toll-free number for your company.

  1. Phone.com: Cheapest VoIP Phone Service

Phone.com is the most reliable business phone service available for small-sized businesses. Business VoIP Phone Services includes the ability to route calls, forwarding and faxing, caller ID, multiple-line (conference) calling, and much more. Phone.com offers both app-based and web-based panels for managing calls on the internet.

They provide a cost-effective business line available to numerous European countries and Canada, allowing their customers to expand their operations to those countries. Phone.com integrates with various CRM applications available on the market, including Shoo and Salesforce.

Pricing: It comes with unlimited pay-per-minute plans and unlimited price plans. It begins at $10.39 per month per user when paid annually.

  1. Grasshoppers: Best Virtual Phone Service

Grasshoppers can be the most effective virtual phone system for small-scale business owners. Business VoIP Phone Services has all the basic VOIP features such as voicemail, call forwarding and caller ID. It lets you make calls with your regular phone number. Extensions can be used to create conference calls, which are ideal for meetings with inbound teams.

The portal, accessible via the app and the web, is user-friendly. Business VoIP Phone Services includes a toll-free number that is available in those in the US, UK, and Canada. Grasshoppers comes with several extensions for telephone numbers, toll-free numbers, and vanity numbers that allow you to make calls on the internet.

Cost: Starting from $26 per month (1 number ) and three extensions)

  1. 8×8: Best Hosted Business Phone Service

8×8 is one of the most popular business phone systems on the market. Business VoIP Phone Services an ideal choice for those just beginning to incorporate an online business phone system into their websites. 8×8 offers fewer features than the typical online VoIP service and is a good choice for small-sized business owners.

They offer voicemail, automated calling, text share of numbers, and much more. They provide a variety of plans to their users, ensuring convenience and dependability.

Cost: Starting from $12 per month per user

  1. Vonage: Best Advanced Phone Service

Vonage is a small-business phone service that can be used to make online calls. Business VoIP Phone Services includes all basic VoIP phones, Amazon Chime, video calls and much more. The premium plans include added features and advanced technology for their customers.

The administration panel on their website allows them to regulate calls, create users and manage online communications efficiently.

Pricing: Starting from $19.99 per month.

  1. Microsoft Teams: Most Popular Online Phone Service

Microsoft Teams is the most well-known phone system used to make VoIP calls and conduct video conference calls worldwide.

Teams replaced Skype for Business in 2019, but it will continue to offer unlimited calls to other Teams users with the internet.

The platform is powered by Microsoft, which means that the service and product have a solid base. You can chat, meet or phone, and collaborate with colleagues and customers using this platform.

Pricing: Basic version is free to download. Premium business-class calling plans start at $5 per month.

  1. Google Voice: Free Business Phone Service

Google Voice is a highly flexible business telephone service that is flexible for business. It’s got fewer options compared to a completely online phone system. It’s great for users of smartphones and business owners with devices compatible with Google products.

The free number is compatible with smartphones and on the web, meaning you can make and receive calls anywhere using wifi or the internet. Additionally, there’s a mobile application to place and take calls while on the go.

It provides a no-cost USA-based number, a voicemail feature call recording, and many more. Google Voice helps create better communication between business owners as well as consumers.

Cost: A free number to make calls, text messages and voicemails.

  1. Voice shot: Best Auto Attendant Phone System.

What is the Best VoIP Service for Small Businesses?

Here’s a brief overview of the top business telephone service providers for small-sized businesses.

Business Phone ServiceCostKnown For

1. Nextiva $19.95 / mo. Business phone with the most ease

2. RingCentral $19.99 / mo. Best all-in-one business phone provider

3. Phone.com $10.39 / mo. Cheapest telephone service for VoIP

4. Grasshopper $26 / mo. The best virtual phone service

5. 8×8 $12 / mo. Best business phone service hosted on a cloud

6. Vonage $19.99 / mo. Top advanced service for phone calls

7. Microsoft Teams $5 / mo. Most well-known online phone service

8. Google Voice Free Service for business phones that is free

9. Voiceshot $12 / mo. Best auto attendant system for phones

10. CallHippo $15 / mo. The most cost-effective virtual phone service

How to Choose the Best Business Phone Services – FAQs

Before we jump in and compare various business phone companies, It’s worthwhile to determine if you need to switch from a telephone at home to a commercial phone service to decide whether or not it’s the right choice for your requirements.

With hundreds of users having helped establish a business phone service, we know what it takes to set up an affordable phone system suitable for small companies. So let’s get started with five questions that our customers ask us.

Look here if you’d like to cut to the point and skip into Business VoIP Phone Services comparison.

  1. What Is a Business VoIP Phone Service?

VoIP refers to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), Also called internet telephone. VoIP lets users make phone calls via the internet.

Contrary to traditional phone service, VoIP business phone service offers a variety of additional features that you do not have to pay additional fees, such as call forwarding, call waiting and phone number, message and many more. You can also communicate with documents while participating in dialogue with your customers.

  1. Do You Need a VoIP / Business Phone Service?

A VoIP or business phone system is entirely different from a traditional one.

If you’re in the business of a small company, it is possible to look into purchasing a business phone service for these reasons:

  • You can share a number among multiple users simultaneously.
  • You can use mobile phones, desk phones or computers to make or receive calls.
  • You can monitor the duration of calls, hold times, waiting times, call time, and general usage for increased efficiency.
  • Contrary to the traditional phone system, the initial and ongoing expenses are inexpensive.
  1. How Much Does a Landline Cost Monthly?

The AT&T phone service comes with all the needed features, including the caller ID feature and calls waiting or voicemail. The plan is priced at approximately $35. However, the VoIP phone service is not just cheaper (it starts at $19.99 per month), but it also has plenty of options.

  1. How Much Does a Business Phone Service Cost?

It depends. A typical business phone service costs anywhere from $20 to $30. You’ll have to examine a few variables to determine how much a phone for business service could cost.

  • The number of users depends on the number of users you wish to allow an access point to the system.
  • Phone features include Mobile, conference, integration with many CRM tools and more.
  • Phone system type VoIP, landline virtual phone system
  1. Are there any pros and pros and Phone Service vs Landline?

Are you unsure which is the best fit for your business requirements, whether landline or a company phone? Let’s look at the significant distinctions between the two.

  • Accessibility, as mentioned earlier, depending on the features for business, the business phone service appears to be more affordable than a landline service.
  • The feature set In addition to a business telephone service with myriad options out of the box that can be highly beneficial to small businesses.
  • Accessibility With an office call service, you can make calls anytime with your preferred device. You don’t need to be in your office to connect to your landline telephone or employ an office receptionist at the front desk to handle it.
  • The internet is reliable. A business phone service requires a reliable internet connection, while a landline does not. In the event of an internet downtime and your business calls will be routed to voicemail.

Although there are many choices, we believe Nextiva is distinct from the rest because of its reasonable pricing and out-of-the-box features.

RingCentral can be an option for Nextiva. If you’re looking for a lower-cost alternative that isn’t Nextiva, Phone.com could be the most suitable choice.

We hope Business VoIP Phone Services guide has helped you find the most effective services for business phones. If you like this post and want to know more, look into our guide to the 9 top WordPress Help Desk plugins to provide customer service…

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