Behind the Scenes: Casting for Law and Order

Casting For Law and Order

Casting For Law and Order is one of the most popular crime drama television shows, known for its compelling storylines and talented actors. But have you ever wondered how the show’s casting process works? In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the behind-the-scenes process of casting for Law and Order.

The Casting Process:

The casting process for Law and Order is extensive and rigorous. The casting team is responsible for selecting actors who can bring the characters to life and fit into the show’s dynamic ensemble cast. Here are the key steps in the casting process:

Casting For Law and Order Callbacks:

During callbacks, actors are given a scene to perform with other actors. This allows the casting team to see how well the actors work together and how they bring the characters to life. Callbacks may happen multiple times before the final decision is made.

Chemistry Tests:

Once the main cast has been chosen, the casting team will conduct chemistry tests to ensure that the actors have the right chemistry on screen. This is particularly important for Law and Order, as the show has a large ensemble cast that needs to work well together.

Background Checks:

Before an actor is hired, the casting team conducts background checks to ensure that they are a good fit for the show. This includes checking criminal records, social media profiles, and any other information that may impact the show’s reputation.

Auditions: Actors audition for roles either in person or through self-tapes. The casting team reviews all the audition tapes and selects the most promising candidates to bring in for callbacks.

Negotiations: Once the actor is selected, negotiations begin on their salary and contract terms. This is where the actor’s agent comes into play, negotiating on behalf of their client.


Casting is a crucial part of any television show, and Law and Order is no exception. The casting team works tirelessly to select actors who can bring the characters to life and work well together on screen. By following a rigorous process of auditions, callbacks, chemistry tests, background checks, and negotiations, the casting team ensures that the show is filled with the best talent available.

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