What does AWS Solution Architect Associate do 2022

AWS Solution Architect Associate

Amazon’s AWS has established AWS Solution Architect Associate niche in the world of cloud marketing thanks to its simple-to-use, cost-effective and flexible features. A majority of businesses are shifting to AWS for cloud-based services. At present, 64% of businesses (who are using cloud services in some way) utilize AWS. Naturally, companies require experts who can manage AWS cloud services, whether it’s AWS Developer, AWS Developer, AWS Sysops Administrator, or AWS Solution Architect.

If you are an AWS professional, you need to possess a thorough understanding of AWS design, principles, and the services it provides. They should be able to manage AWS implementations and apply the best practices as recommended by Amazon.

Therefore, pursuing AWS certificates will help you begin your career in cloud computing as AWS is a major force in the development of hundreds of businesses around the world. If it’s AWS Solution Architect certification, then that’s the absolute icing on the cake. The AWS Certified Solution Architect and the AWS Certified Solution Architect have an average annual salary of $126k annually and it has also been among the highest-paying IT certificates for the past two consecutive years: 2020 & 2021.

In this blog, we’ll be discussing in depth what exactly is AWS Solution Architect. We’ll also help you get the answers to questions like:

  • AWS Solution Architect roles and responsibilities?
  • What would an AWS Architect’s job description take on?
  • What is the average salary to be paid for AWS Solution Architect jobs?
  • What are the AWS Solution Architect’s duties look like?
  • What is a Solution Architect? How is it distinct in comparison to one who is an Enterprise & Technical Architect?

Who is a Solution Architect: A Brief Introduction

The role of a solution architect has become among the most sought-after jobs within the software development team. He is accountable for creating and integrating software to satisfy specific requirements. The job entails the combination of hardware and software products to ensure high performance. He must explain the structure of an application to the team or other department members to ensure the implementation of an efficient system.

The job of an architect of solutions comes into play when project information is given to an analyst on computers. Then, he is actively involved throughout the project. He manages the requirements and guides or motivates others in a group throughout the entire development process. He must oversee aspects of the technical stack of a project, which includes languages for programming, OS development system, and much more.

It is All About the Solution Architect

He is a certified owner who is considered to be an integral member of the team responsible for software development and is responsible for the management of a variety of applications within a company. He must work on both the non-functional and functional demands of a particular project. He is concentrated on providing the most efficient system solution that will directly affect the business outcomes.

The information provided from a solution architect’s report is usually utilized by the development team for the effective implementation and implementation of enterprise solutions. In addition, he needs to explain complex business problems in terms that are understood by all. He needs to be aware of what business procedures are and formulate an integrated vision for software.

AWS Solution Architect looks over the following aspects:

  • He is focused on the implementation of technology to find a quick solution to difficult business issues.
  • He examines his technology platforms, the programming language, and the operating system that could be utilized for the development of a business system.
  • He chooses the style and the feel program and how different modules interact with each other.
  • He determines the need for system maintenance and any future scaling as required.
  • He evaluates the risks associated that come with frameworks, software products as well as a third-party platforms.

What Is AWS Solution Architect Certification?

AWS Accredited Solutions Architect – Associate exam certification is designed for those who work in a solution architect job and have at least years of practical experience developing affordable, reliable, fault-tolerant in addition to scalable, distributed systems using AWS.

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What exactly is AWS certified Solutions Architect? 

As an AWS Solutions Architect, The first thing that pops into mind is what are my responsibilities and my responsibilities following the certification.

In the blog in AWS Solution Architect Associate article, we’re going to talk about what is the definition of a Solutions Architect, and what are its roles and obligations.

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In this blog we’ll be discussing the following topics:

  • Who is an AWS Solutions Architect?
  • What Is AWS Solution Architect Certification?
  • Why Is AWS Certification Beneficial?
  • What exactly does the Solutions Architect do?
  • Skills needed for a Solutions Architect.
  • Roles and Responsibilities

What makes a Solution Architect different from an Enterprise and Technical Architect?

Most people get confused between three different terms: tech architect, enterprise architect, and solutions architect. Each of them has a different meaning with distinct duties and roles.

  • The strategic direction of an enterprise is determined by the enterprise’s architecture. He must explain the technical aspects which are required to help build the structure of the enterprise.
  • Technical architects simultaneously are responsible for the software architecture, as well as other engineering-related issues.
  • A solution architect is someone who specifies the technical details such as information, data, and the business structure for a specific solution. AWS Solution Architect Associate is possible to say that a solution architect is an intermediary between engineers and enterprise architects.

Meetings With Sales and Customers

If you are you work as an AWS Solutions Architect, your task will be essentially designing solutions. So, a portion of your time is spent meeting with customers or sales. They could be meetings in person or part of conference calls, so you can get to know about issues and requirements. It’s based on the company you’re employed by, as well as the specific role you play within the organization. Certain AWS Solutions Architects concentrate on their products, and not so much on customers. While the majority work to develop solutions for problems faced by customers.

The tasks you’ll be doing for your customers will depend on the place you’re working and what your responsibilities are and the place the customer is at in their stage of AWS acceptance. They may be in the initial stages of the process, which means you’re conducting discussions at a high level, or further in the phase of implementation. Everything can be a factor.

Problem Solving

As we mentioned above the major focus of your job is creating solutions that satisfy the needs of customers and business goals, as well as developing technical solutions and pre-sales deliverables to support customer objectives. Thus, a portion of your day is devoted to what we call “problem-solving.” As the SA you’ll develop solutions plans and offer guidance on AWS best practices for architecture. You’ll calculate costs and determine ways to control costs as well as choose the most appropriate AWS services based on the data compute, database, or security needs.

You’ll likely spend a portion of your time working on the development and implementation of highly scalable, easily attainable, and fault-tolerant systems AWS. You’ll be able to identify the shift and lift of an on-premises system to AWS. In addition, you’ll need to figure out the movement of data into and out of AWS. You may also be required to offer advice on issues like performance, cost disaster recovery, or security issues.

Who is an AWS Solutions Architect?

Solution Architects are the ones who are in charge of overseeing the organization’s cloud computing infrastructure. They are knowledgeable about the fundamentals of architecture and the services employed to design an effective cloud strategy. They review workload architectures, aid in the process of transferring cloud workloads, and guide in addressing high-risk concerns.

As an AWS Solutions Architect means that you can design innovative cloud-based solutions, and then migrate existing ones to the cloud. What are the different tasks they perform?

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What Is AWS Solution Architect Certification?

AWS Accredited Solutions Architect – Associate exam certification is aimed at those who work in a solutions architect job and have at least years of practical experience developing affordable, reliable, fault-tolerant in addition to scalable, distributed systems for AWS.

This test is designed to test the candidate’s capacity to demonstrate their knowledge regarding:

  • How to design, develop, and create secure and robust applications using AWS technologies.
  • Create a plan of action with architectural design principles, by the needs of the client.
  • Offer guidance on implementing best practices to an organization during the project’s entire lifecycle.

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Why Is AWS Certification Beneficial?

There are many benefits associated with obtaining AWS certification. If you’re thinking of becoming certified, it is important to be aware of some of the primary advantages.

  • Demand is high for AWS professionals: Amazon is on top of the game in terms of an important share of the market in cloud computing. The biggest rival is Microsoft however they require three times more market share. And, not only that, AWS has an immense annual growth rate which is a sign that AWS Solution Architect Associate will be the leader in the cloud computing market shortly also.
  • The likelihood of higher earnings: Undergoing training for AWS certification could boost the average professional’s earnings by 25.9 percent
  • A demonstration of commitment It takes a substantial amount of effort, time, and dedication to the achievement of AWS certification. The commitment to professionalism is often impressive, especially to employers. If you’re in search of the perfect job or changes in your career certifications give you an edge over other applicants. It’s a fact that employers tend to favor those with industry certificates.
  • It’s comparatively easier to earn: Regardless of what certification you’re seeking to earn, getting certified requires an enormous amount of effort. But, AWS certifications aren’t quite as labor-intensive and challenging as other certifications. You may have a lot going on shortly, but it’s worth forming compromises to AWS certifications.

Role of a Solutions Architect

Solution Architecture touches upon aspects of information systems, business applications, security as well as technology.

A Solutions Architect evaluates the business needs of an organization and determines how they can be met. They use software, hardware, and infrastructure to design solutions.

Nowadays, companies are more focused on the alignment of IT strategies with their business objectives. Solutions Architects identify, develop and enhance technical solutions to meet the goals of the business. They make sure that Information Technology and business operations are in alignment when designing and implementing solutions that use technology. AWS Solution Architect Associate requires constant adjustments to feedback and problem-solving to ensure the correct development and execution of the solutions.

Solutions Architect Job Levels at Amazon

The responsibilities and roles of the AWS Solutions Architect depend on the pay scale and the level at which they are placed within the business. There are generally three AWS Solutions Architect job levels:

  • entry-level Solutions Architects: These are Solutions Architects who are getting started in their field. You may require little or no knowledge of Solutions Architecture for this level.
  • Senior Solutions Architects: These are HTML1 Junior Solutions Architects: These are engineers who have 3 to 4 years of work experience in the role of Solutions Architects.
  • Senior Solutions Architects: These are HTML1 Senior Solutions Architects: These are engineers with a wealth of experience in the field of Solutions Architects.

Salary ranges that apply to Solutions Architect roles depend on the stage you are at.

Types of AWS Solutions Architects

Solutions architects are responsible for these roles in six important ways:

  • Generical Solution for Architects who do not pay attention to the vast IT areas
  • Domain-Specific Solution Architects like Retail Solution Architects, or Telecom Solution Architects
  • Technology-Based Solutions architects like Microservices Solution Architects
  • Product-Based Solutions architects like SAP Solution Architects
  • Focus-Based Solutions Architectures like Application Solution Architects, Security Solution Architects as well as Integration Solution Architects
  • Role-Based Solutions Architectures like Head Solution Architects or Chief

What Skills are Required?

 It is essential to have a solid understanding of cloud computing. In this case, you must have an extensive understanding of programming languages, and be able to code with Java, Python, or C#. Cloud computing is a job for an AWS Solution Architect Associate, it’s crucial to be aware of the programming language since it assists in creating feasible solutions that will work as planned. It’s a job for professionals and the person who is hired must be an expert in the handling of the task. Employers are looking for people who can handle cloud work and have a complete understanding. So, if you’re interested in a job as a solution architect associate then you will require professional certification. AWS Solution Architect Associate is essential to begin training and take an exam to earn your certificate. You should begin learning as fast as AWS Solution Architect Associate is possible.

Responsibility and Roles: 

There are a variety of work responsibilities provided by AWS solution architect associates within their company. AWS Solution Architect Associate helps them offer secure networking to their businesses and allows them to create a secure cloud environment for their organization. They need to ensure that a company has adequate security in the cloud environment, where they store all their data and other information. If you’re also studying for the exam that will give you accreditation for AWS solution architect associate, then you need to purchase the AWS Solution Architecture Associate questions. This will assist you to gain the correct information on the tasks you’ll handle.

 The study material you are studying is crucial to finishing your training. AWS Solution Architect Associate is important to be aware of the tasks and responsibilities that you are required to manage.

Begin your training:

 If you can comprehend the idea and workings of AWS Solution Architect Associate, you need to begin your training and then pass the test. After obtaining your certification you’re now able to be employed easily. AWS Solution Architect Associate will help you choose the best job for your future. It is essential to arm yourself through the study guide and be required to master all the information. You can succeed in the exam if know everything. You can look up all the details online and will be able to easily obtain your certificate. All you need is to take your time with the course.

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